Friday, June 20, 2008

The Lost Wedding Files

So when our photographer gave us the cd with our pictures on it, we couldn't access all the ones with Justin and his family, and a few other ones. We were tired of dealing with our photographer so we didn't say anything to her about it, we just figured we'd deal with it. However, yesterday I was on campus trying to do somethings, and I tried the cd there, and lo and behold the missing pictures were accessable. So here are a few that I really liked.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Justin and Jill Story

I decided there are not enough pictures of Justin and I on here so I'm devoting this entry to the history of us.
We met through our singles ward. Justin was ward mission leader then later became elders' quorum president, and I was RS president so we got to know each other through ward welfare and ward council meetings. He thought I was cute so he volunteered to set up my technology for a RS activity I was having. After that he threw me a surprise birthday first ever surprise birthday I might add.
Then we started going on dates. Below is a picture of us on our second date...we went on a scavenger hunt, made rice krispy sculptures, and then watched, oh yes, a family favorite on both sides: the Ghost and Mr. Chicken starring Don Knotts.
Our courtship consisted of two months (much to our surprise; we'd thought we'd date at least a year). We liked going on walks, playing with my silly roommates, running away to Wyoming, going to Montana for the 4th of July, and having breakfast picnics in front of my apartment.

We got engaged on July 24th, 2007 in Las Vegas. he proposed on the Las Vegas temple grounds, and then we went to his house for cheesecake and sparkling cider. I flew out the next day for a five month long distance engagement...sick.
We were married on December 22, 2007 in the Logan Temple, and we are oh so happy together. Just earlier today I told Justin "I can't believe how perfect we are for each other." Well, I guess that's our story.

Mesa Falls

Well we took a little trip to Mesa Falls. These huge waterfalls are located northeast of Rexburg about 45 minutes away on Henry's Fork of the Snake River. They are so beautiful. We didn't take a picture from the lower falls so these pictures are only of the upper ones. Amber was staying with us then, and although she didn't let me take a picture of her, she thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of the falls and the magnificent picnic I packed.