Sunday, April 24, 2016


Did you ever read the kids' mystery series about Cam Jansen? Cam is really a nickname, short for "camera" and she is called that because she has a photographic memory. When she wants remember a scene, she just says "Click!" and she stores it away in her photographic memory. 

I like to do the same thing with day to day life. I don't say "click," and solve mysteries with my memories, but rather I try to grasp the gift of ordinary moments. Like when I am busy getting my kitchen chores done, and the children are busily playing underfoot. Click. Or when the children are piled on Justin, competing for his attention. Click! Or when Amelia is snuggled up to me, giggling at a book. Click! 

Pausing long enough to "click" the ordinary into my long term memory allows me to really appreciate this beautiful, rich, and very blessed life I live.