Thursday, April 21, 2011


I've been posting a lot about Katie lately so I decided we should have a post devoted to Grace.
R-ray of sunshine
C-cute as a button

I love this little girlie so much. She has a smile that brighten my day no matter how bad I feel. Her giggles make my world go round. Many times I look up from what I am doing to see her intently watching me, waiting to catch my eye and give me a grin that could melt a heart of stone. Fascinated by my hair, entertained by Katie, doted on by Daddy, and cherished by all. Sweet little baby of mine.

Me, relishing in the rare moment that Grace let me cuddle her while awake...THE only thing good about teething--it gives me an opportunity to snuggle Little Miss Independent.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Little Sweetie Pie

I love conversations with Katie these days....

Today we were playing with a ball outside. She would throw it and I would catch it in a sand pail. She got the biggest kick out it. Every time I caught it, she would giggle and giggle. Then she takes this big breath and says, "This just kills me."

A couple days ago, she is in the bathroom, and I hear, "Mommy!"
Katie:"In my top drawer, there's some underwear. Can you bring me some?"

I was trying to do a white tornado(quick cleanup) in the living room today, and was stretching over the back of the couch to reach some toys....
Katie comes and puts a hand on my back and in her best grown up voice, "Honey, what are you trying to get? You need some help?"

My father-in-law recently came back from Italy and sent Katie a Pinocchio doll. We had never told her the story of Pinocchio or watched the movie with her so I had to explain who he was and tell her about him. She was really creeped out by the fact that his nose grew. But anyway, she couldn't remember his name and kept calling him different things:
Nokey poke
pony ko
pin o key
pokey no.....
It was hard not to laugh at all those funny versions of Pinocchio.

I was cooking dinner at the stove, and Katie comes and stands quietly by me. She doesn't say anything until I make eye contact with her.
Katie: I like chocolate
Me: I like Chocolate too
Katie: I really like chocolate
Me: I really like chocolate too
Katie(in her sweet as pie voice): Can I have some?

I took the girls to the park the other day, and Katie was playing in the sand with her toys. She brought over a sand-filled cup and told me to eat the "ice cream." A man nearby asked her if she liked ice cream. Katie doesn't miss a beat and says with a big smile on her face, "No, I love ice cream."

Today Katie says: Mommy, you're silly.
Me: You're silly too.
Katie: Gracie's silly too.
Me: And Daddy? Is Daddy silly too?
Katie (very dreamy-like): No, Daddy is a prince.

And one of our favorites: Katie often goes around belting out "Scripture Powder! Keeps me safe from sin!" I envision something like baby powder, that you sprinkle on yourself every morning to protect you from temptation...
She just keeps getting cuter and cuter every day.