Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Little Girls

 I"m not really sure at what point I stopped thinking of Katie as a baby, but I know exactly when that moment was for Grace. A couple weeks ago, I was holding a tiny precious newborn. And Gracie came running in. She was so surprised to see me holding a tiny baby, and she was delighted. I had just enough time to move before her grasping little hands tried to snatch the baby so she could hold it herself. And it dawned on me: This is a baby...Grace is not. I felt my heart sink. It was hard to swallow. It was suddenly getting very hot in there. Why this unusual emotional reaction? I have no clue besides I'm a female and tend to get all fuzzy and gushy about children....but really why do our hearts ache when our children grow up?
 I can't figure Grace out yet. She is just a little quiet mystery to me. She is so quiet and yet and you can tell there is some intense thinking going on behind those very observant eyes.

chortling, yes chortling.
Running with elbows up and out like wings, and bum a-wigglin'
sneaking sister's belongings
developing a passion for chocolate
vigorous nodding, pointing, and motioning
hide and seek
ring around the rosies 
dancing, twirling, and UH-oh FALL DOWN
signing time! 
lives to get a laugh, but doesn't like the spotlight.
and dogs, and cats, and any creeping thing 
Kisses goodnight, and kisses goodbye, and don't forget a squeeze 

Katie....oh I could write books about Katie. What she has taught me, what she learns, all the funny things she says, all the times I would like to send her off to Grandma's to live, all the heart warming moments, and the day to day adventure she brings into my life.
When Katie gets the camera:
 documenting her new healthy food her mouth
 inside of her sippy cup
 "Momoo" cooking
her footwear of choice- boots

Katie has led me through a journey--- a quest for understanding. The food issues, the skin issues, the inflexibility issues...I knew after the first few weeks of her life that she was not a normal baby. And I am so grateful for that. I love her just the way she is and because of her "issues" we have changed quite a few things about our lives...our level of activity, the way we eat, and the way we parent. And we are better for it. And she is blossoming into the most beautiful little garden flower. She is so precious, so very, very precious.