Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Little Social Butterfly

I didn't think I would have to worry about Katie always wanting to be with friends until she was older, but alas, the fun has already started. On Wednesday morning she sat right in front of the door saying over and over again the name of the little girl I babysit (Piper) until she grew so despondent we had to go for a walk to recover her spirits.
We head out the door, and I was going to let her take the lead and I would follow her wherever she wanted to go. She grabbed my hand and headed across the parking lot. She led me across the parking lot, down two buildings, up the flight of stairs, and right to the door of her friend Lydia. She went right up and knocked on the door and yelled " 'ydia!." I didn't say Lydia once or even attempt to lead her at all. She took us over to Lydia's all by herself and by her own decision. I was so surprised that my little baby just barely one already knows the way to her friend's house and wants to go there without any prompting from me. The top picture is Lydia and Katie at the park, and the one on the bottom is Lydia and Piper at Katie's party.

Queen Frostine

Katie got into the frosting and this was the result. I had to take a picture. And the other pictures are of Katie in her hat and mittens her Aunt Toni got her for her birthday. She looks so cute in them. We have so much fun with this crazy little girl. We love her so much even though she keeps us up at all hours of the night.

Monday, November 16, 2009

"I did a dumb thing today"

When I did speech and debate, one of the lines in a competitor's selection was "I did a dumb thing today." Well, in the last month I have had plenty of opportunities to say this. I will only tell you the two best.
I was cutting out sugar cookies when the little boy from upstairs knocked on the door. He said that his mom forgot that he got out early that day and he needed me to watch him until she got home. He had to do his homework and needed all sorts of things from upstairs so we decided we would go upstairs for him for him to work on homework instead of hauling all the stuff downstairs. I got the bright idea to bake my cookies in their oven while I was waiting for Ethan to finish with his homework.
I turn on the oven to preheat and then I finish cutting out my cookies. Pretty soon I smell something smoking. I open the oven and smoke and dust come billowing out. The smoke alarms start going off and Ethan comes running out of his room yelling, "JILL, WHAT DID YOU DO?" After the smoke clears out I find an exploded bag of krusteaz pancake mix all melted down and toasted in the oven along with some pots and pans. Who puts pancake mix and pans in the oven? Obviously there are some people who do that. It gets even better. While I'm assembling the vacuum and starting to clean up the oven, Ethan's mom opens the door not expecting anyone to be home, let alone her downstairs neighbor bent over a mess of charcoaled pancake mix. I didn't really know what to say except "Go back to school." She said "What happened?" I then had to tell her the whole story and then we had a good laugh.

Next Story-
I love going to the library. Katie and I go quite often. I always, always put Katie in the stroller for our library trips because it would be a nightmare otherwise. On Saturday, I dropped Justin off at the temple, and Katie and I headed to the grocery store and then to the library. While we were at the library Justin calls for me to pick him up. I head to the check out, but I didn't have my card so I put the books, back and head out the door. By the way Katie is crabby by this point and very noisily signing for food. We get to the car, I pull her out of the stroller, throw her in the car, and we drive off to pick up Justin. Did you catch what I missed?
Yep, I left the stroller sitting on the sidewalk next to where I parked. The funny thing is I didn't even miss it until today (two days later) when I was again at the library this time with Justin and went to pull out the stroller out of the back. "Justin where is the stroller? Did you take it out?"
"No, I didn't take it out. When did you last use it?"
"When I went to the library on Saturday."
Then it dawned on me. Because I was in a rush, I didn't fold up the stroller and throw it in the back. We thought we would take a look at where I left it, and maybe by some chance we would find it. So we go over to the place where I parked on Saturday and there it was, in the exact position I left it two days ago. I'm surprised that no one took it, and even more surprised that it wasn't blown away at least. But I'm glad it was there, and I'm even more glad it was dark when we went to reclaim it, and no one was around to see us walking up to our abandoned stroller. We put Katie in and went on into the library.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Birthday Girl

Yay for Katie turning one. I'm happy that she made it this far. She loved her cake and playing with her friends at her little party. We took her to the park as well since it was nice enough to go, and she loves going down slides. We sure love this little girl and are so happy she is part of our lives.
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and presents.

I tried to post a slideshow of pictures, but it didn't workout quite like I wanted it to, but I'm too tired to figure it out.

Katie's recent accomplishments:
  • Can climb up on the couch
  • says many words
  • folds her arms for prayer
  • hand actions to 2 new songs
  • tons of signs for words
  • working on sharing
  • animal sounds
  • rocks her baby and teddy bear
Things we are working on:
Still not completely weaned, but getting there. She HATES her crib these days. I'm thinking of switching her to a toddler bed already. She doesn't fall asleep on her own anyway, and I'm pretty sure she'd stay in a bed better than she does in her crib, and I'm getting tired of pulling her into bed with us. Any ideas?

Also, she still needs her pacifier to sleep at night. The only times she ever takes it is when she is tired. How do I get rid of it and when to do it?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkins With Eyes Shining So Bright

1 Pumpkin + 2 dozen sugar cookies + 2 adorable fairies + nachos + friends= fun Halloween
We went to our ward party on Friday then Abbey's party on Saturday. Katie and Lydia were matching fairies and they were so cute. Lindalee and I were quite pleased with how their costumes turned out.