Thursday, June 24, 2010

Montana Trip

Places We Went
1. Cabin just north of West Yellowstone (yes that is snow on the ground)
2. Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman
3. Wheat Montana in Three Forks, MT
4. a peek at the Jefferson River near Caldwell MT
5. Granny's house in Butte

Things we saw
1. lots of elk
2. one moose
3. lots of deer and antelope
4. dinosaur skeletons and Da Vinci inventions
5. beautiful scenery
6. a really small post office

Things we did
1. stayed in a rustic cabin
2. cooked bacon and pancakes in a sauce pan with no cooking spray
3. listened to a mouse run around the cabin while we tried to sleep
4. enjoyed a gorgeous drive
5. played at the museum
6. ate a yummy cinnamon roll at Wheat Montana
7. went to a wedding
8. ate KOA chicken and jo-jo's
9. got sick and puked at a gas station in Dillion (only I did that, not Justin or Katie)

Katie loved the cabin. She kept saying "this is great!" She was absolutely delighted with the old cook stove. I think she thought it was a play stove.
She keeps telling me about moose and deer so I think she liked that part too.
Her favorite part of the museum was the dinosaur eggs and the tank designed by Leonardo Da Vinci.
Katie got lots of time with Granny which she loved. She keeps asking to go back to Granny's house.
Granny cured her of her fear of swings and she will now go on them at the park...for a limited amount of time.
She could not get enough of Chubs the dog. She tried to feed him everything in sight even a rubber band. We'll never have a dog.
I got to see a friend get married. It was so great to see her so happy and so beautiful. I think Jessie is the friend I have known the longest. We met in kindergarten.
It was such a fun trip and I'm so glad we got to go. I want to road trip again soon.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Old Mac Donald's Farm

What we have been doing:

1. We went to a dairy farm. Reed's Dairy in Idaho Falls. You can walk in where the calves are and pet them. They have sheep, chickens, and goats, too. You can also watch the machines milk the cows... and they have a little restaurant with foods made from their dairy products. We got ice cream cones! Yum

2. Katie and I made wheat rolls and turtle bread. My mom used to make me a little loaf of bread in the shape of a turtle when I was a little girl. Katelyn loves turtles so I decided it was time I made her a turtle bread loaf. I let Katelyn play with a little bit of the dough while I was baking, and I turned around to find a piece in her hair. I think she was pretending it was a hair clip.
3. Went for a walk in the rain...we had no other choice since the library has been closed for a few weeks and the sun won't shine, we decided to go out anyway. When we got too cold, we came in and ate warm bread from Great Harvest.

4. Katie and I took a quick trip to MT for a funeral. We will miss our Aunt Cindy, but we're grateful she doesn't have to suffer anymore.

5. Justin took Katie and I on a day trip to Fox Creek near the Tetons. It was such a beautiful little place to play, and a beautiful drive. I forgot to take pictures.