Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Make Some Magic

Remember the calendar I made for myself? Well, this month is make some magic. And whiel I had big plans to make magic this summer (some we have done aka lemonade stand), I am discovering that most of our magical moments are unplanned. Today I was trying to get a dresser painted while I kept an eye on the girls playing outside. 
Amelia came and grabbed my hand, "COme see. COme see." I followed her to the little table in the shade she was playing tea party at. It felt so good in the shade, and I was really enjoying watching Mia pretending to set the table in great solemnity that a toddler adopts when they are trying so very hard to imitate real life. Then I glanced around to check on Katie and Grace. Up in a tree. They are really into climbing trees these days. 
My blood sugar was telling me it was time for a snack so i called to the girls to come join Amelia and me in the shade, and we could have snack time outside. they got really excited, and Katie insisted on preparing the snack. She brought out a plate of cut up bananas, carrots, celery, wheat thins, and almonds. She was very proud of herself for hosting. 
Grace used her best company manners and Amelia continued with her serious pretending.
And that's all there was to the magic. we hadn't scheduled anything. i hadn't prepared a creative snack that resembled an owl face. we didn't have any friends over. And you know it was the best kind of magic.

I am finding out that making magic for our kids is as simple as saying yes when they ask you to come play in the fort or snatching them up in a hug when they are passing by. It's whispering a joke in their ear when they least expect it or putting a band aid on an owie that doesn't really need it. It's letting them have unstructured playtime. It's letting them snuggle in your bed in the morning. It's smiling at them for no reason except you love them.

And it's just as magical for me as it is them.