Thursday, August 30, 2012

Birthday Pictures

I asked Gracie if she wanted monkeys or turtles for her cake this year, and she said monkeys. (she loves both). SO monkeys it was. Katie helped decorate them which was so fun. We ended up with a few Picasso type monkeys. It was a fun, low-key day. Katie can hardly wait until her own birthday.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Inspiration for Bedtime

"As you tuck them into bed at night, please be kind to them. Let them hear a kind voice amid all the angry, vile voices that they will hear throughout life."
-Harold B. Lee

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Gracie

My little Gracie sure cracked me up today as she enjoyed her birthday festivities. Whenever anyone said Happy Birthday to her, she would get this really cheesy grin on her face and say "thank you" in her tiny voice. She thought it was quite funny when we sang to her. What a ham.

My favorite things about Gracie.

Her pretend grumpy face.
When she stamps her foot and says "I WON'T!"
The kisses from her tiny lips
"I need you."
How she walks around with a wand saying "Poof! Princesss" which means whatever she poofed just turned into a princes (maybe she got it from Cinderella, but I'm not sure she's ever seen much of the movie.)
Her very serious play time
How she quietly does her own thing for long periods of time (I don't know if Katie will ever get to this point)
The little songs she sings
Her dance moves
The way she says "yes"
how she practically lives in the pink tutu
when she feeds the neighbors cat with her play food set and how the cat mildly tolerates it
her attachment to her baby doll "Iris" (she named it herself, and I have no idea where she came up with that name)