Thursday, May 26, 2011

An Attitude of Gratitude

"My mean cat, Lucifer"

I love Farmington, NM. Sure I have only lived here for two and half weeks, but I am loving it here. It's the right size, in a good location, and has all the things we like to do here. I am so grateful that we didn't get the internships we applied for in the Salt Lake area. Blessing in disguise.

We've had a lot of those lately, blessings in disguise, I mean. Like giving up dairy. I thought it would KILL me to give up cheese, but it hasn't (probably because I know it's Temporary with a capitol T), and I have gained so many blessings from it. I have lost weight. I have widened my food horizons and tried new things. I have gained a whole bunch of new recipes, and learned a lot of new cooking skills because of it. And I have practiced a lot of self control--it's good to do that every once in awhile.

Another blessing in disguise, we did not want to have to pay double rent for the summer, but we are. The great thing is that I have a place for myself and others to stay during the Family Reunion (which I am soooo excited for) and then we don't have to go through the hassle of moving all our furniture and stuff, finding a new place when we come back and getting packed and unpacked again and again. Also, the company Justin is interning for decided to give us a housing stipend which pays for one of our rents.

And we LOVE this little house we are renting. I wish I could just buy it right now. The neighborhood is a little rundown, but a lot safer than our neighborhood in SLC. But this house is perfect for a starter home. Katie absolutely loves that she has a yard she can go play in by herself. We have big windows that overlook the yard, so I can see her at all times--that's the only reason I let her out by herself. And I love that it has big windows and lots of glorious sunshine. I am just happier in this little house. I love cooking my kitchen which is saying a lot. I don't usually like cooking. But this week we have had several new recipes just because I feel like cooking something new. There is plenty counter space which makes a huge difference for me.

The other blessings in disguise have been personal trials Justin and I have faced in the last year. Talk about currant bush experiences...over and over again. However, they have been opportunities for growth and I am so grateful for what I have learned from it all.

So lately I have been overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude for everything in this beautiful thing called LIFE.

Monday, May 23, 2011

An Old Woman

Birthday Fun!
We went to lunch at an old-school A&W where they bring the tray out to your car and you hang it on your window. Katie thoroughly enjoyed did the rest of us.

It's the first birthday I've had where I got to spend the entire day with my husband. So fun!

Thanks everyone for the birthday presents. I really scored this year. New running shoes and the very best Tupperware ever from Justin. I love them.

Mother's Day

Best Mother's Day Ever! Here's why:
  1. I got to spend it with my own mother
  2. My First Mother's Day present from Katie (a pasta and yarn necklace made in nursery, more precious than pearls)
  3. Oreos
  4. Brownies
  5. Flowers
  6. Sisters

For Aunt Toni

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Little Nonsense Now and Then

Justin had a pretty good case of the hiccups yesterday. Katie walked by and remarked, "Daddy, you sound like a dolphin."

You know you reach a new level of parenthood when you and your husband exercise to the beat of Yo Gabba Gabba...after the kids are in bed.

Justin was reading Katie Book of Mormon stories last night before bed, and Katie points to the Liahona, and says "It's the Honi Lia!" Sometimes she gets syllables mixed up and reverses words...never ending source of amusement for Justin and me.

Katie: MOmmy, what is that?
Me: Garlic
Katie: Can I smell it?
Me: Sure
Katie: Oh, that tastes smelly.
Me: You mean that smells tasty?
Katie: Yeah

Katie was playing in the backyard the other day. Justin or I burnt something on the stove in the process of making dinner. When I called Katie to come in, she stopped at the garage door. "I can't come in there. It is too smelly"

We've been having lots of rain lately and our little flat-topped pueblo house just couldn't take it so we've had a leaky roof. A man from the roofing company came over today, and when he asked Katie's name she told him "Honey."

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A New Adventure

Today marks the start of our new adventure in New Mexico. So far so good. Our landlords are wonderful. They are kind and even had food in the fridge for us when we got here. Justin's mom grew up here and has several cousins that still live here, one of which came over shortly after we arrived and brought us dinner. So so so kind. I am continually amazed at the kindness of others.

Our little home for the summer is very cute and is perfect. We will be spoiled by having a fenced yard for Katie to play in and having separate rooms for the girls. Tomorrow we will find where everything is and maybe do a little exploring.

It will be different living in the desert, but I'm excited for the fun things to do here. Here are a few things we saw on the way down: