Sunday, December 6, 2015

the Unwrappable Gift Challenge

For the last three years, during December I pick one unwrappable gift to give to my kids and to Justin. For instance, three years ago, I sat down with my kids for lunch every day in December instead of doing the dishes or sweeping while they were seated and eating. Seems small but it made a big difference in our day. 
Two years ago, I gave the gift of mercy and forgiveness. Instead of getting angry or being too stern, I tried to be forgiving and be generous in second chances. 
Last year I gave my kids the gift of fun by making sure each day I played a game with them whether it be "don't break the ice," "hide and go seek" or even just a round of "Ring around the Rosie." 

Last year I gave Justin the gift of greeting him with a positive attitude when he came home from work instead of handing him a crying baby as soon as he walked in the door or unloading all my stress on him the minute he got home. 

I never tell them about my gift to them. I just watch the effects and enjoy the happy results. This little tradition has become one of my favorite parts of Christmas because it always makes my heart grow three sizes. And it most definitely brings me a little closer to my Savior. 

Do you want to give it a try? What will be your unwrappable gift, and who will you give it to?