Sunday, June 19, 2016

Daddy Day

My kids are lucky to have Mr. Fix It for a Dad. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I'm drowning!

The kids declared all out war on me today. Not intentionally. Bless their little hearts. 
Nevertheless I cleaned up more poop today than I hope to ever have to clean up ever again. And it was not just one child! 
I also cleaned several puddles of pee and other substances (and no one is currently potty training!) 

Not too mention a completely dumped out box of crackers onto a newly mopped and swept floor. 

I also had to superglue a child's fingernail back on. And explain why she was not going to die if she was missing a fingernail, it would eventually grow back ifthe  superglue didn't work. 

Rescued a toddler from killing himself 963 times

Endured 364 trantrums from a three year old who self diagnosed herself with non-functioning limbs and refused to walk or lift anything for a good portion of the day. 

The same three year old also shoved a wad of tissue completely up inside her nose so high I couldn't see it so I didn't completely believe it was in there, and even though I told her to try blowing it out she wouldn't try but just kept screaming and wailing like it was the end of the world. Of course if Daddy comes home and suggests blowing it, she calms down right away and does it! 

Stopped a toddler from eating used toilet paper out of the toilet not once but twice, and yes, there was poop involved. 

Battled with a 7 year old who refuses to take baths more than once or twice a year. 

Add in all the little bickering fights between kids and complaining, whining and normal messes and a crazy amount of laundry and you have my day. ONE DAY. All this in one day. I am very tired. 

I am drowning in children and have forgotten how to float...

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

An Adventure

A couple weeks ago I decided to take the kids for a walk. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful afternoon! 
However only a couple blocks away, the wind picked up and I saw dark, billowy clouds moving in quickly though they were still far away. 
"We better head back, kids. It looks like it's going to storm." 

"Ah man! We just started!"
"Just a few more minutes, mom!" 
"Pleeeeeease mom!" 

I took another look at the clouds... Maybe it will just blow over... Maybe it won't come this far...

"Ok just a few more minutes"

We walked onto the kids' favorite woodsy area so they could climb trees and look for cool sticks. 

The wind kept pushing clouds closer, faster and faster. And before we knew it, we were in a down pour. The girls started screaming and racing around looking for better cover. I tried to get Henry back into the stroller and pull the rain cover up and over, but he was scared and wanted me to hold him. 

Quickly the woods turned into a squishy, muddy hole with the trees not providing much cover from the rain shower.

What to do? 
Even if we ran the whole way, we would be drenched and Henry wouldn't go in the stroller so I would have to carry him. 
We couldn't stay because we were already getting drenched and the kids were getting cold and muddier by the second. Henry had mud all the way up both legs and the girls weren't much cleaner. 

I called Justin hoping he hadn't silenced his phone when he laid down for a nap. 

When he picked up, he didn't give me a chance to say anything. "I'm on my way. Just around the corner."

My hero had been awakened by the sound of the rain, and checked my location on the iPad, and jumped in the van to come rescue us. 

We were all covered in mud and dripping wet, but it had been a fun adventure nonetheless. The best days end with the most dirt, right? 

Strawberry season is my favorite season!

Strawberry picking is always a fun tradition for this Oregon family! 
Henry looks like he just hit the jackpot with that field of glorious dirt stretched out before him. 
He also thought picking strawberries aka binging on strawberries straight from the plant was the best thing that he had ever done in his short life. I was surprised he wasn't sick after the insane amount of strawberries he consumed. It was impossible to keep him from eating them.  I finally had to take him on a walk across the farm so he would stop gorging on them. 

Oh Henry boy!

This is how Henry likes to wake me up in the morning. Mmmmwa! 

Daddy daughter date

Every once and a awhile Justin and I take each kid on a one on one date. Last week Justin took Amelia on a bike ride. 
She was quite adamant that we find her bike shirt for her to wear on her bike date with Dad. 
Why can't we keep her like this forever?! She is so stinking adorable!

A graduate!

Maple Lawn Preschool was such a wonderful fit for Gracie! It was bittersweet watching her graduation ceremony. 

Grace is quite broken hearted that preschool is over. But I know she will love getting to go to school with friends from church and our neighborhood in the fall. 

She has blossomed this year, and really grown up so much. 
Her teacher read off a few facts about grace at preschool. 

Age:5 years old
Favorite thing to do at school: play with friends
Favorite part of school: play area
What she wants to be when she grows up: singer
Biggest hero: Joseph Smith

A picture is worth a thousand words


Thank you Katie for creeping me out and giving me nightmares for the rest of my life. I needed 72 of these images in my life.