Friday, June 21, 2013

A New Beginning

I wash dishes when it is dark
and I am tired
I hang up tutus and
scattered dress-up attire
I gather up scattered socks and underwear
and kiss the brows of those
who left them everywhere

I tuck tired toes and elbows
back underneath
their quilts
and beloved blankies

I wipe away crumbs and
sweep up the dirt
I cry bitter tears for harsh words said
and time ill-spent
I push away fears
of failing them

And then my own mother's words
come back to me
washing over me, so soothingly.
"Each day, each hour, each minute
Is a New Beginning."

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


This might be a little of a picture overload because I haven't been very good about putting up pictures of the girls and updating on their wonderful little lives.

Katie did dance lessons this spring, and LOVED it (surprise, surprise). She is so talented. I am pretty sure she was the BEST dance there. And I'm not just biased (okay, maybe I am just a little bit.)

Gracie was very disappointed that dance lessons were just for big girls (3 and older). She watched on the sidelines and practiced every step and memorized every song.

 kindred spirits if there ever was such a thing

I don't think any of us love on this baby quite as much as Katie does. she can't focus on anything if Amelia is in the room. Boy, does she love on her all the time.

my little darlings
(the only half way decent picture of all of them)

sometimes a girl just needs a frog


I had to document Grace enjoying her German Pancakes. She asks for German Pancakes EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.  I kid you not. I don't make them for her every morning, but probably 3 times a week, I give in.

I made this dress out of a really cute shirt and a pair of leggings. I really liked how it turned out. She's grown into it more now.

Birthday/Mother's Day Extravaganza. So spoiled. Cookies and Cream cake. YUM

Amelia thinks she is really funny, hilarious in fact, when she rolls under the coffee table.

me and my handsome man on my birthday

beautiful girl

forever picking flowers.

just enjoying movie night treats

yes, you are right. There is something wrong with this picture. Those eyebrows are darker and thicker than normal...someone got into makeup. I laughed myself silly over this one. Pictures don't do it justice... but not bad for a 4 year old and a first try.

new bedtime entertainment. Katie discovered she could make shadow puppets when her lamp was turned on. Of course she didn't know that's what they were called when she discovered her new ability.

all tuckered out.

two little snuggle bugs.

no comment

again, no comment

we learned about the water cycle and snow today for preschool, (yes, a swimsuit is the dress code for our preschool, rain or shine). then we made an indoor snowman (shaving cream and baking soda)

G for Grace of course.
sometimes big sisters have to practice their handwriting on your face (and makeup skills too). Grace actually was pretty proud of her "makeup"