Thursday, August 27, 2015

Simple things.

I found a grasshopper today in the grass. August is such a good time for finding grasshoppers. I knew right away Amelia (my jumper) would love to see a grasshopper, so I held still and called her over. Just before she got to me, I put my toe behind the grasshopper to make it jump. She was so surprised, and instantly intrigued. I inched up behind it to make it jump again. Her little hands crept up by her cheeks, and she toddler "whispered" excitedly, "Let's catch it!"

Henry met White Cat for the first time time today. I had to hold him back. He saw that cat cat and headed straight for him or should I say his tail. He was grunting and squealing like he does when he gets excited. His chubby arms and legs moving so quickly to get him over to that cat. He even tried to push Amelia and grace out of his way! I held his hand in mine, and helped him stroke white cat's back. But each time he let out his high pitched squeal of delight, I was afraid white cat would freak out and scratch. So I shooed white cat away for the good of everyone.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Grace turns 5

Birthdays are bittersweet for me. My mommy heart aches a little too see them grow up. It's a fulfilling ache though. I think it hurts because it can't last forever. 

Oh sweet Grace, how I love you so.

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