Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fun Times

I can't believe how FAST summer went by. What? THe leaves are changing colors and it's getting cooler? I LOVE fall, but man it came up fast.

Gracie had a tape measure the other day and was measuring me.
 Me: How big am I?
Gracie: THis big (showing me the tape measure)
Me: ARe you big?
Gracie: I little.
Me: Oh, and I am big.
Gracie: No. Mommy little. Daddy big.

I guess even our kids notice the ginormous height difference between Justin and me.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Awhile back I made some chore charts for the girls. Each girl has three chores in the morning. \
make her bed
help with laundry
pick up toys and books

help with laundry
pick up toys and books
help unload the dishwasher

They also have to do things like get dressed, brush their teeth, etc. But I don't consider those chores. That's getting ready. After breakfast every morning, we start in on chores. At first they complain and try to get out of it, but secretly they love it. I can tell. Katie has a lot of pride for her made bed every morning, especially when she makes it by herself.

I love this new system. Not only do I get laundry done every day, but the toy and book mess are kept under control. Also, I don't feel like a slave or have to come up with activities to keep them busy while I clean. Much happier momma. Much happier family.

 Gracie's first pig tails. She's not very happy about me taking a picture.

smoothie mustaches...and Katie's tonsils