Monday, May 19, 2008

Baby Name Contest

So far Justin and I haven't really talked a lot about names for Baby yet. We still have time, but I am scared to death of naming our baby something and then regretting it later...wishing that we had named Baby something else. So I thought that I would let other people contribute to our baby naming task. If you have favorite girl or boy names just add your little comment or send me an email. The person who wins the contest is the one that suggests the name we choose. Your reward will be the pride of knowing you suggested the name we chose. The sad thing is everyone might lose because we might not like any of the names you suggest and might just make up our own. But give it a might win!

Here are some names that I like.

Justin likes the name Aaron...but I'm not really a fan.

Justin says:
I like the name Joseph but Jill doesnt like the name "Joe" so shes afraid he'll be called that (if its a boy that is)
Jill replies:
I never said that I didn't like the name Joseph or Joe...I said I liked the name James but not "Jim"

The Man of My Dreams

I was thinking yesterday about how lucky I am to have Justin because he is practically perfect for me in every way. While thinking about that, I decided that my friends and family might not know how wonderful he really is since we haven't been able to spend a ton of time with them. So I'm going to tell you more about him...Hopefully he doesn't care when he finds out...
Born: January 5, 1985
Where: California
Home town: Modesto until ten then to Las Vegas
Family: Middle child of three, little brother and an older sister
Major: Health Science
Emphasis: Occupational Safety and Health Management
Height: 6'4"
Person: Me
Time of Day: When I hug him when he gets home from work
Restaurant: Craigo's Pizza Buffet
Cookie: Emily's chocolate chip
Juice: Apple
Holiday: Christmas
Music: Coldplay
Children's Books: Chronicles of Narnia
Things to do together: read a good book, star gaze, or have a good talk
Hobby: Shooting (not hunting just shooting)
nearly always sleeps on his back with arms and legs spread out
likes everything to be pre-washed before he uses it the first time
makes really good homemade chicken alfredo pizza
sings very well
doesn't like dancing
insists on playing Christmas music even before Thanksgiving
loves popcorn made over the stove
enjoys a good documentary on pretty much anything
(not in any particular order)
  1. very kind and patient
  2. silly as all get out
  3. good listener
  4. compassionate
  5. humble
  6. pure heart
  7. most adorable smile
  8. big loud laugh
  9. big strong hands
  10. clumsy as me if not worse
  11. loves to learn about the most random things
  12. selfless
  13. doesn't tickle me because I hate it
  14. gets me beautiful flowers
  15. does the dishes
  16. listens to me babble on at night even though he's tired
  17. thinks of romantic dates for us to go
  18. let's me use his razor
  19. kind to other people
  20. let's me watch lots of girl and horse movies if I let him watch a boy and dog movie every once in awhile


  1. bought me flowers for mothers' day
  2. made me a birthday cake and decorated the house for my b-day
  3. took me to get ice cream at the new dairy place as a surprise date
  4. randomly makes me breakfast in bed
  5. gets me little debbie snacks
  6. sends me cheesy e-cards
  7. rubs my feet and back when they are sore
  8. made me green eggs and ham for breakfast in bed on St. Patty's day
  9. turns the light on for me when I'm scared of the dark
  10. waits on me hand and foot when I'm pukey...and pretty much the rest of the time too

Friday, May 16, 2008


So yesterday I kidnapped Justin after his chem lab and took him on a picnic. We played frisbee and Justin barbecued some meatballs and chicken and hot dogs. And we went for a little walk around the duck ponds. How romantic...Oh and to top off our romantic evening, we were surprised by fireworks. We couldn't figure out why they were lighting them off, but then my friend told me later that it was because the new half of the hospital had it's grand opening. Random to have a huge firework display just for the opening of the hospital, but we enjoyed the show.
Our picnic excursion was really good for me because besides going to the library the day before, I hadn't been out of the house for two straight days, and I was going crazy. I almost wrapped a stuffed animal up in a blanket and put it in the stroller we just bought and took it for a walk. But then my honey decided to come for lunch so I was saved from my last resort.
I've also been doing some family indexing to fill up my time. It's pretty fun and easy, and I feel like I'm contributing to other people's genealogy when I do it, so that's my new hobby. If any of you want to sign up to do it, you should it's super easy and you can do it whenever and for however long you want.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Camping in the Dead Trees

So Justin and I went camping last night along the snake river about 11 or 12 miles away. We had the whole campground to ourselves. It was quite a pretty place despite the fact that all the trees were dead. Yes, weird as it sounds, all the trees in the whole campground we're dead. I have no idea why. The grass was really green though.
We had a good time making tin foil dinners and walking around. And there were some crazy birds. At the first light of day they went off like an alarm. Ducks, geese, woodpeckers, robins, you name it and they were all chirping at the top of their lungs. I've never heard so many birds in my life.