Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catch Up

1. Katie pretending to be a dog eating dog food
2. Toni and Katie at La Plata Canyon enjoying smores
3. Katie at Aztec Ruins
4. Father's Day
5. Mesa Verde National Park

Most of these pictures are from my family reunion. SO FUN. Afew are from spending Independence Day in Mancos, CO with Justin's family, probably the best place to spend the holiday. It's a very small town, and everyone sits in the park together and they light the fireworks right there in front of everyone. Lots of music and fun. A couple pictures are from a day at the park. We go to the park nearly every day, and we would die without it. Gracie just learned to go down the slide, and Katie finally got brave enough to enjoy swinging. Now I can hardly get her off it. The last few weeks have been so much fun they have just flown by. We got to enjoy a visit from Justin's mom for a few weeks, and we miss her already.
Yesterday was our latest adventure, going swimming and fishing at Navajo Lake State Park. We had to park at the top of a rocky hill, and then climb down carrying the girls, and all our stuff. And at the bottom of the hill, Justin's flip flop broke. So when the time came to climb back up, Justin climbed back up with one flip flop and one bare foot, carrying Katie and a back pack. But it was a fun day. It was good to cool off in the lake and swim around. When we were starting to head back up, a deer came walking down the other side of the hill. It was cool to see one right there just a few yards from us.