Sunday, August 14, 2016

My Mother

Spending time with my mom this summer was truly a blessing. I haven't been able to spend much time with her since having babies of my own because we have lived far away for most of my married life. And the few times we have been together, I've had to share her with lots of other siblings and their kids, so the "alone time" I had with my mom this summer was priceless. 

I came home a better person for having been around her for nearly a week. My mom is such a special person. So giving and loving and always serving. While I was there, each morning my mom was up early headed to help a friend who had a broken ankle before she headed off to work. And each night, she would go to the same friend's house to help with evening chores. She had been doing this daily routine for 2 weeks and will be doing it for another 6 weeks. Not to mention the shopping and errand running she does for her injured friend. 

That is just a drop in the bucket compared to all her years of service and kindness to others. It is hard to be around someone as selfless as she is without it rubbing off on you. 

I feel so blessed to have her as my mother. There aren't words for how truly special she is. There is no other person like her. 
The kids picking raspberries off of Granny's bushes. 

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